Case Study: Auction Gold

About Auction Gold

Auction Gold is a well-known auction house in Adelaide, Australia with presence in other states as well. Auction Gold provides a simple web service for their customers to sell all their second-hand goods without the stress or hassle associated with online sales. We took part of their vision of changing the direction of all actions by offering a platform where anyone can simply upload their item photos, a description and let the Auction Gold team handle the rest.

How we started working together

Auction Gold team was ready to start a new collaboration when they came to us. They approached us at the recommendation of one of our previous clients who is happy with our services. We are happy with his collaboration too!


In Auction Gold case, they already had a fully functional auction platform in place. Their only challenge was linked to a particular requirement which was not available on the readily available auction scripts. A task that was easily managed by our programmers.


Auction Gold new feature implementation required a custom solution for their auction house. So, we decided to develop a core PHP solution and even went to a higher level after we got the repository setup with their team.


Now, customers willing to auction their items can easily upload their items for review and, if accepted, those items get converted into a consignment automatically in the Auction Gold platform.

We even pushed towards higher usability. For the customers uploading items from mobile devices, they can upload the pictures on the fly with only one click, crop, rotate or resize them within the interface and submit it to the Auction Gold team.