Case Study: GR Phones

About GR Phones, Adelaide

GR Phones is the only one stop phone shop with quality customer service in Australia. Their services range from repair, sales, service and accessories offered in person at the shop or, with our help, online too. Through their online shopping service, they are able to serve thousands of customers at once. In this way, they can provide fast and affordable repair services at the same high quality. Now, GR Phones, not only that is a well-known and well-established business in Adelaide but it’s also expanding rapidly, challenging us to implement new features for their customers at a fast piece.

How we started working together

GR Phones team is one of our oldest clients. We first created a WordPress website for their company in 2014. This first iteration of their online part of the business was just a static website with manual price updates.

While the online demand increased for their business, in mid-2016 they came up with a new requirement. They requested a solution in which they can manage the inventory and CRM (Customer-relationship management) directly into their platform.


The task was clear for us: One single interface in which they would have the client data, job bookings, job tracking, invoicing and all the other features for seamless management of their the business.


After analyzing the problem from a programming standpoint, we suggested migrating everything into a core PHP solution. GR Phones team approved our approach immediately and we proceeded to its implementation.


The current application (which is in its first phase) has all the inventory parts:
● Admins can create jobs from their back-office,
● Customers can book and track a job online,
● The payments can be processed entirely through the website.

On-going work

The work on the second phase already started and it’ll be released soon (even before its initial deadline)