All you need to start your online business

Complete e-commerce solutions

In 2019, e-commerce doesn’t mean only owning a website, it is literally a fully-fledged online business. E-commerce is getting more and more attention from both, locally and internationally. Although, more important in Australia where well-known names, such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy overcharge on delivery fees, overextend the shipping time or cancel orders without a real reason. In face of these issues, Aussies tend to look for local solutions (if there are any!)

The sales revenue of local companies shown in their annual reports is without a doubt, one of the biggest factors why e-commerce is become to explode in the Oceania region in the next few years!

Filling the demand, we decided to adapt our services for our local market first. If you are a small boutique or even a large business and you’re looking to offer your customers a straightforward buying experience, our complete e-commerce services can help you take off or expand your growing business right now:

Online storefront, catalogs and shopping cart

Your online store can handle an unlimited number of products you can sell. They can easily be organized in categories with sorting and filtering options.

Web-based administration products for managing inventory, coupon codes and gift certificates

One place to merchandise, organize and manage your products. With promotional settings available, you can put your products on-sale during the peak of the season.

Point of sales (POS) and payment processing solutions

Multiple payment processing solutions can be integrated. From all major credit cards to PayPal, these alternative payment methods are fast and convenient for your customers all around the globe.

Various features can be integrated in order to match your business requirements:

● Web portals for travel, ticketing and event management for booking services
● Online auction engines based on open source libraries for full transparency
● User content generation optimization for content-driven services

All e-commerce websites have the latest SEO and marketing practices implemented by default:

● Location-based shopping services for mobile phones
● Next-generation advertisement servers
● Social media integration

The more visible you become, the stronger your business. You can use social media-driven traffic sources to generate the most sales and delve into mobile functionalities to optimize your sales conversions.