Keep up with your customers on Android, iOS and Windows devices

Mobility Solutions

The mobile era is already in progress and the number of mobile users is increasing fast, especially across Australia. Actually, among Aussies, the number of mobile users is greater than the number of desktop users. This fact alone should tell a lot about the future and where companies should focus their business if they want to remain competitive.

The ones that have realized the need to effectively use mobile channels for attracting customers, they have already started new operations (or adapted the existing ones) through mobile websites and mobile apps. The most popular ones, such as Tripview, Clipp or Omny even crossed borders. Over the past eight years, the local industry has blossomed, with amazing apps being created by Aussies for the rest of the world, increasing the expectations of users willing to try Australian apps.

While businesses with large wallets can afford to internally develop both mobile websites and apps, other companies might have to choose one of them which puts them behind their competitors. The choice between a mobile app or a website shouldn’t depend on cost, usability or required features, it should simply serve the audience. We are looking to bring equality for businesses of any size and offer mobility solutions that:

Meet your existing and emerging needs

Facilitate genuine peer-to-peer interaction by enabling app users to engage with your organization, other users and promote your brand through the use of integrated social features such as likes, comments and sharing.

Support numerous devices with different operating systems

Create an app and begin to draw all the portability benefits of providing your clients, employees, and followers an interactive experience on devices powered by Android, iOS and Windows.

Offer management features, such as software distribution and asset organization

Encourage employee accountability by enabling special role users to organize and modify the existing content, as well as distributing it through the designated channels.

Implement contemporary applications, integrate them with up-to-date enterprise systems and undertake performance testing

Create a modern environment for open engagement on top of the recognised software standards and deliver a better end-user-experience.

Guarantee that your ERP, CRM and SCM solutions are usable on the mobile devices too

Accessible to everyone, even for hard to reach colleagues without access to company email or the intranet.

We can help you to replace your aging software with a modern, mobile-first application!