Optimize their browsing experience at home or on the go

Responsive Web Development

In the current modern standards, as the user switches from his laptop to his tablet or phone, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for the new resolution, screen size and device capabilities. In other words, the website’s technology should have the ability to automatically adapt to the user’s preferences. Unfortunately, however, most websites don’t. The problem persists not only in Australia but internationally.

Responsive Web design is a set of conventions aiming to push the development of a website towards being able to function on each new gadget on the market, especially the Australian market filled with various types of laptops, desktop computers, tablets, iPads and smartphones. While Aussies prefer mobile devices on the go, most of them still have a computer in their homes. Most likely they will find themselves browsing your website on different displays based on the situation.

With a responsive application website, you’re eliminating the fear of welcoming them with an unusable page and increasing the chance to convert in one more purchase. A lot of your customers will repetitively be on the move, don’t you want to make your website accessible to this portion of customers or potential customers? Our responsive web development services keep your business competitive by:

Increasing your reach to a broader audience using mobile devices

Expanding your online reach across devices brings a strong commercial imperative for new users to consider your products or services.

Increasing sales and conversion rates

Consistent user experience will have a positive impact on your conversion rates as people are already familiar with the navigation system across devices.

Increasing your visibility in search engines

Google suggest that mobile optimised, responsive sites are featuring prominently in localised search results.

Offering a seemless experience on all devices

Responsive web applications are most likely to be consumed on the move and in the absence of an internet connection due to HTML5 offline browsing support.

Implementing responsive web capabilities in your existing website, or a newly built from scratch one offers an optimised user’s browsing experience, offers flexibility and guarantees that it can be accessed from any device 24/7. Do you want to have a website up to 2019 modern standards?